Thank You but this is the End of the Journey

For the past three years the mission of Viola's Heritage Breads has been to change to way people see black and brown bakers. You have allowed me to share my story and passion to make simple ingredients amazing.

I've been seen, celebrated and encouraged by the amazing "Carb Krewe" that has taken this journey with me.

I'm grateful for every person and purchase, good bake and bad bake, long night, early morning, all nighters, phone call and email that challenged me and made me better. I'm grateful for every post, like, share, and "you gotta get one". For the people who tried a sample and changed their mind and embraced a new flavor. And most of all for the people who love me enough to support me in so many ways, Thank You! Thank You!

Dreams do come true in New Orleans. ANd you have made it possible for me to proudly share my black girl baking magic with the world.

I'm not done but Viola's as you know it is. I'm officially stopping production on King Cakes, Bread, and all the things.

Not sure exactly what the future holds but resource setbacks makes it painfully clear I can't move forward with this journey.

Thank You Again and I wish you the same joy I have everytime I think of the the blessing you are to me.

Chef Carla Briggs

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